A New Twist on an Old Advertising Product For Health Care Providers – Magnetic Direct Mail

The new magnetic direct mail products that are available have put a brand new twist in an old, but reliable standard of advertising and marketing for the health care field. For years, offices and clinics have depended on direct mail campaigns to spread the word about their services. These new postcard mailers that have an attractive refrigerator magnet glued to them have taken it one step further.

Multiple People See It Multiple Times

Instead of one or two people seeing the standard mailer before it is relegated to a pile of junk mail, the new mailer’s magnet is peeled off and put on a fridge or cabinet. They find their way into the office or shop, at schools and in stores. Now they are like mini-billboards that are seen on a regular basis by hundreds of people every day. That is crucial in advertising. The more often people see your information, the more likely they are to call you when they need medical treatment. Studies have shown that up to eight viewings are needed before people become familiar and comfortable with the business displayed on the product. How often to people go to the refrigerator? How many times do workers glance at the bulletin board at work? Many more than eight times, that’s for sure.

These magnetic direct mail products maximize the effects of bulk mail marketing campaigns. They are perfect for:

Mailing to existing clients and new prospects

Great for introducing new products and services

Grand openings or relocations

Newspaper / newsletter stuffers

“Leave behinds” in offices / waiting rooms

Special offers & referrals

Appointment scheduling

As you can see, there are many opportunities for these very effective mailers to make a difference for your health care office or facility. If you want to be part of the latest trend in direct mail, call your supplier and get started.

Marketing Success – A Battle of the Mind – Part 1

Back in 2000 when I was a career educator making the transition into the business world, someone told me that success in starting and building a marketing business was 90% mindset. If the battle of the mind is not won, forget business success. I did not buy that hypothesis fully back then, but eight years of working in customer services with a very successful and rapidly growing marketing firm, I can unequivocally say amen! This series of articles on why people do not meet with success in any venture, business or otherwise, will focus on having the correct mindset for success.

Jack Dolittle (real name no pun intended) was a fresh-water fishing guide in the Tampa Bay area a few years ago. I learned a very important lesson about mindset from him. He was a very successful fishing guide and people paid him good money for catching fish. His mindset was authoritative. He believed that the creator of the universe gave him authority over all the animals and creatures of land and sea. He would declare how many fish he was going to catch and would go out and reel them in like clockwork. If he said seventeen bass he would catch seventeen bass. When he caught his number he was through for the day, regardless of how others were doing. In ten years of being near him, I never saw Jack experience failure in catching fish. He went “catchin” not “fishin”. Mindset was a spiritual matter. He had a made-up mind and nothing could break his resolve.

I shared Jack’s approach with an octogenarian mid-western cattle farmer on the brink of losing his huge cattle ranch. He set his mind to success and went to his banker and told him how much money he needed and on what terms he would take the note. The banker who previously had rejected giving him a note, had a change of mind (heart) and gave him what he asked. Two years later at age 85, Charles had not only saved his ranch, he now had five million dollars surplus in his business account.

The business mindset is not wishful thinking of I hope, or maybe so. It is tied to what Lisa Diane, my marvelous boss, calls the “Five Magic Words”. She declares, “Your Thoughts Create Your Life”. I have watched her create numerous six and seven figure business ventures in short periods of time. Her success is tied to not allowing negative, or even, whimsical thinking into play. Positive, authoritative thinking wins every time! If you have been doing the same thing over and over again and you are not meeting with success. Something has to change and the mindset is where it all starts. When the mindset is authoritative and your focus is most positive, the universal law of attraction will cause your decision making to pull in or attract the keys to successful business marketing. You will become a winner in the marketing game.

Is Network Marketing Perfect?

I often read ads that say something like this:

“Join the best company with the best products and the best compensation plan”

Wow, this does sound pretty close to perfect, don’t you think?

The reality is, like anything else in life, network marketing is not perfect and if you don’t express this to customers and team members, they are likely to feel misled and possibly even walk away from you, your products and your opportunity.

So how can you let others know that your products and opportunity are not perfect while still encouraging the person to either buy the products or join the company?

Here are some examples:

When speaking about the products, you can say, “I don’t use every product and I’m certain you won’t either, however I absolutely love the majority of the product line.”

You can also say, “I don’t use that product because ______ but I do recommend _____ to provide the same benefit you’re seeking.”

My experience has been that both customers and potential new team members appreciate this honesty.

What about the business opportunity? You can also convey non perfection in a very positive way:

What about saying, “You have the opportunity to specialize in any area you’d like so the company offers training for direct sales, fundraisers, home parties, fairs and shows, internet sales and more.” This conveys that not everyone can specialize in every area.

You can also say, “I know everyone who begins a business has different expectations and different goals, can you share yours with me and we’ll see if we can develop a plan for you?” This lets the person you’re talking to know that earning millions overnight really is not a realistic expectation or possibility.

It’s even OK to say, “I’ve noticed over the years that those who don’t write a plan and don’t write their goals tend to quit rather quickly as they are driving without a map. Would you like to create a plan?” Not only does this share the reality that many people quit, but it will let you know the intentions of the person you’re talking to.

Internet Marketing Business – 3 “No Bull” Tips to Succeed in the Internet Marketplace

So, you want to start an internet marketing business. Here are three things that you need before you begin the process.


To succeed with an internet marketing business, or any business for that matter it is imperative that you have clear and concise direction in mind. The first step in putting a business together is a business plan.

Set goals. Where do you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, etc.? Commit these goals to paper and use them as a road map to success.

Develop the Right Product

When creating a product or service you should ensure that it is something that you are passionate about. Do not jump into a niche just because you think it is profitable. Stick with something that you enjoy and are passionate about.


If you are considering starting an internet marketing business to “get rich” overnight then you have been watching too many late night infomercials. There is no program or system that will make you an instant success in the internet marketplace.

Developing and operating a successful internet marketing business takes time, patience, and a very strong work ethic. Do not believe those who tell you that you can work part time and earn thousands of dollars per day as soon as you purchase their product.

Can you earn thousands per day? Can you do it while working part time? The answer to both questions is yes, but you need to establish your internet marketing business and develop a large customer list, and outsource most of your work.

To succeed in an internet marketing business you must have direction, proper product development, and you must understand how an internet marketing business works. If you can do those three things you are ready to get your business off the ground.

Do you want to learn about little known, easy ways to make money on the internet that work?

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