A New Twist on an Old Advertising Product For Health Care Providers – Magnetic Direct Mail

The new magnetic direct mail products that are available have put a brand new twist in an old, but reliable standard of advertising and marketing for the health care field. For years, offices and clinics have depended on direct mail campaigns to spread the word about their services. These new postcard mailers that have an attractive refrigerator magnet glued to them have taken it one step further.

Multiple People See It Multiple Times

Instead of one or two people seeing the standard mailer before it is relegated to a pile of junk mail, the new mailer’s magnet is peeled off and put on a fridge or cabinet. They find their way into the office or shop, at schools and in stores. Now they are like mini-billboards that are seen on a regular basis by hundreds of people every day. That is crucial in advertising. The more often people see your information, the more likely they are to call you when they need medical treatment. Studies have shown that up to eight viewings are needed before people become familiar and comfortable with the business displayed on the product. How often to people go to the refrigerator? How many times do workers glance at the bulletin board at work? Many more than eight times, that’s for sure.

These magnetic direct mail products maximize the effects of bulk mail marketing campaigns. They are perfect for:

Mailing to existing clients and new prospects

Great for introducing new products and services

Grand openings or relocations

Newspaper / newsletter stuffers

“Leave behinds” in offices / waiting rooms

Special offers & referrals

Appointment scheduling

As you can see, there are many opportunities for these very effective mailers to make a difference for your health care office or facility. If you want to be part of the latest trend in direct mail, call your supplier and get started.

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